Whole 30 Round 2

Focus points for Whole 20, Round 2 (May 2 – June 1, 2017):

  • Move past my “sugar demoney” behavior;
  • Learn how to nourish myself while working out hard;
  • Establish some basic daily and weekly routines that help support me in my busy life;
  • Change my thinking and self-image; learn to “think fit.”

My goals for Round 1 (January 28 – February 28) were a little simpler; to get back into the habit of cooking for myself and eating more paleo-ish. It was really successful. I mostly focused on making sure I was eating only compliant foods and following the recommended meal template, not snacking in between meals, etc. I didn’t want to drive myself crazy with too many restrictions, “best practices” or routines right off the bat. I kept it basic, compliant, and made it work as best I could. I completed it with no cheats, slips or mistakes, and felt amazing.

This time I’m limiting my fruit to one or two pieces┬áper day, and nothing super sweet, like dates or bananas. I’ll be working out this round, some days really hard. So I’m going to follow official W30 pre- and post-workout meal advice (protein/fat ~an hour beforehand, protein/carb-dense veg ~10-30 min afterward.)


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